Custom airbrush painting by Goalie Mask Specialist- Steve Nash. Factory authorized custom goalie helmet and mask painter for Sportmask, Bauer, Vaughn, Pro's Choice, Pro-Masque and Warwick.

EYECANDYAIR Specializes in Custom Airbrush Painting, Illustration and Hand Painted Portraiture Art for Goalie Masks

Welcome to the official online portfolio of Steve Nash "The Goalie Mask Specialist". This website is dedicated exclusively to custom *hand painted* and airbrushed goalie mask / helmet art! If this is your very first visit to EYECANDYAIR, please click on the airbrush painted goalie masks above to enter the site and enjoy the mouth watering visual experience to it's fullest.

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Goalies that frequently visit, can use the EYECANDYAIR HOT LINKS below for quick and easy access to our most popular sections filled with airbrushed hockey helmet art and designs. Such as our PRO Goalie Mask Section, Custom Goalie Mask and Helmet Airbrush Painting Galleries and our exclusive "Our Goalies" Section where we feature EYECANDYAIR goaltenders in action on ice showing off their freshly designed custom painted masks and helmets by Steve Nash!

EYECANDYAIR is proud to be a "Factory Authorized and Approved Custom Mask and Helmet Artist / Airbrush Painter" for only the very best and most reputable goalie mask manufacturers:

Sportmask, Vaughn Hockey, Pro's Choice, Warwick Mask Company, Bauer and Pro-Masque

EYECANDYAIR PRO Goalie Mask airbrushed professional helmet art EYECANDYAIR Goalie Mask Specialist Airbrush Painted GoalieMasks and helmets EYECANDYAIR Airbrush Painted Goalie Mask Helmet Design Archive Goalie Mask Customers Showing off their custom painted EYECANDYAIR helmets and masks by Steve Nash